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The Pharmacy of Healing Mushrooms - B.Berg, J.I. Lelly - Buch

The Pharmacy of Healing Mushrooms - B.Berg, J.I. Lelly - Buch

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The Pharmacy of Healing Mushrooms - The Compendium of Mycotherapy and Clinical Guide - von B.Berg, J.I. Lelley

Autor: B.Berg, J.I. Lelley
Hardcover: 172 Seiten
Verlag: begell house
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 978-1-56700-484-7

The term mycotherapy was first coined in 1997 by the coauthor of this book, Professor Jan I. Lelley. It refers to the use of fungi and fungal substances in the prevention and treatment of health problems in humans and animals. Over the past 18 years, this form of naturopathy, which has been firmly entrenched in traditional European and Asian medicine for nearly half a century, has been increasingly corroborated through modern, scientific research, gaining considerable importance over time. Lelley and Berg briefly summarize the key information about medicinal mushrooms and their potential therapeutic applications. This compendium on mycotherapy has been compiled on the basis of recognized scientific information and years of practical experience. It does not claim to be exhaustive, but it is expandable.

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