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Organic Lions Mane liquid extract 100 ml

Organic Lions Mane liquid extract 100 ml

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  • Innovative dual extract
  • Full spectrum of active ingredients
  • Sweetish taste
  • 100% made in Austria
  • Suitable for children & adults
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Our liquid extract consists of organic Lions Mane and glycerin. The high-quality Lions Mane (Hericium) comes from regional cultivation in Austria. The liquid extract contains the full spectrum of mushroom ingredients in a particularly high concentration and bioavailability. Our innovative extraction process combines the advantages of ethanol, cold and hot water extraction. The product is alcohol-free and has a sweet taste - ideal for daily dietary supplements. Experience the full potential of nature for your well-being and health!

Contents: 100 ml (approx. 20-25 daily doses) in a sustainable glass bottle


Glycerin 0.8 g/ml, organic Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus) 0.125 g/ml with 67% polysaccharides


Take 1 teaspoon (5 ml) daily, pure or mixed in a drink or food. Optimal: 30 minutes before eating. Shake before use.

Storage & Shelf Life

Do not store at temperatures above 25°C.
Protect from strong sunlight.
See label for shelf life.

Important instructions

Dietary supplement note: Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption amount. No substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Use in children: half daily dose from approx. 6 years.
Use during pregnancy/breastfeeding: Please check with your doctor.

Our products do not contain any gluten or corn residues. No unwanted additives are used (such as magnesium stearate or titanium oxide). In addition, our products are free of genetic engineering and we do not use dyes or animal testing.

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  • non-alcoholic

  • Highly concentrated

  • Organic mushrooms from Europe

  • Laboratory tested

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Application of liquid extracts

For our potent liquid extracts, we recommend taking 5 ml (= 1 tsp) daily. Simply take it straight on a teaspoon or mixed into a drink or food. The liquid extracts have a sweet taste due to the glycerin.

It is optimal to take it 30 minutes before a meal.

For long-term preventive use, 1/2 teaspoon is sufficient.

For children aged 6 and over we recommend half the daily dose.

Medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens. They adapt to your needs. Therefore, there is no such thing as an “overdose.” You can continue to take other NEM and mushroom products. If you are taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend consulting with your doctor or alternative practitioner.

Maximum bioavailability

Due to the improved bioavailability, the body absorbs the same amount of polysaccharides and other mushroom ingredients with just 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of our liquid extract as when consuming 36 mushroom powder capsules (!) - a new generation of innovative medicinal mushroom products .

Dual extracts from certified organic farming in the EU

At Tyroler Glückswürze we combine years of research with the latest technology to offer you medicinal mushrooms of the highest quality. Our organic-certified mushrooms from Tyrol are rich in valuable nutrients and, thanks to protected cultivation, their quality is pure and constant.

As pioneers in mushroom cultivation, we are proud to offer you a real, Austrian alternative in the nutritional supplements market. Our wide range of organic mushroom products, completely manufactured by us from the mushroom spawn to the finished product, stands for quality and sustainability.

Discover the variety of medicinal mushrooms at Tyroler Glückspilze - real organic quality from the Alps, ready to revolutionize the world of nutritional supplements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Ich bin mit den Flüssigextrakten sehr zufrieden, der Geschmack ist sehr gut und ich kaufe auf jedenfalls wieder bei den Glückspilzen ein.

Produkt/Lieferung top

Schnelle Lieferung. Der Hericium Flüssig ist gut einzunehmen, über die Wirkung kann ich nach 2 Wochen noch nicht viel sagen.

Lucian Petre

Hallo,bis jetzt kann ich nicht allzuviel dazu sagen weil ich mit diesem Produkt erst vor einer Woche angefangen habe, aber was ich nicht so angenehm finde ,ist dass das extrem süß schmeckt.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Stephanie Nerlich
sehr angenehm.

Ich nutze das Produkt jetzt knapp zwei Wochen. Sehr angenehm zu nehmen, für eine deutliche Wirkung ist es vermutlich noch zu früh.
Leider nicht ganz preiswert, wenn es dann wirklich hilft, ist es das vermutlich Wert.


Ich kombiniere jeden Morgen Hericium + Cordyceps. Mir gefällt, dass die Extrakte so potent sind und lecker. Schmeckt wie Honig